Cost Of Solar Power Installation Klamath Falls OR

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Stop renting your power! Own your system for less money per month with $0 down 

Cost Of Solar Power Installation

Klamath Falls OR

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Why is  Oregon Going Solar?


Homeowners who are sick and tired of paying the rising utility bills and are going solar for $0 down before the new solar incentives are taken by other homeowners. Click on the reasons below to learn more:
$0 Out of Pocket

The new Federal and State incentives allow homeowners to wipe out your utility bill and go solar for $0 out of pocket and start saving from day 1.
Save Up to 94% On Your Power Bill

Over the last 20 years, the utility companies increased their rates on average of 4.7% per year. Wipe out your current utility bill and save up to 94% on your power bill.
Increase Your Home's Value

Stop renting your power from the greedy utility company and start owning your own power source for less than what you’re currently paying, while increasing the value of your home! You are essentially trading your power costs for a smaller bill. Your cost savings amount might be affected by the price of electricity and active solar motivation programs. For the majority of homeowners in California, the cost of electricity has actually increased in the last 10 years.

Solar Savings Are Big…


Lock in low electricity rates for the next 20 years. Sounds pretty great, right? No wonder over a million U.S. homeowners have chosen the sun as their source of power. Now is the time to own solar for $0 down and save money!

Incentives cover the majority of the cost to go solar
Eliminate your expensive electric bill and replace it with a cleaner cheaper bill
 Pay $0 down because of special PureLight Power programs.
Why PureLight?
Our mission is to inspire our world’s transition to sustainable energy with transparency, quality, and unparalleled value.

Most companies will say whatever they need to in order to get a sale. Our promise to you is to be completely transparent and build a long term relationship.
Once you make the decision to go solar, we take care of the rest. From the permit and site audit to installation; we make the process simple, easy and fast.
By using some of the industry’s leading panels and 24/7 web enabled monitoring technology, you can feel confident and stress-free about going solar.
25 Yr Performance Guarantee
If the panels don’t produce the power we said they would, we’ll pay the difference.
20 Yr Panel Warranty
If for any reason the panels are not working the way they should, we will fix or replace them.
10 Yr Workmanship Guarantee
All of the work we do on your house is backed by our workmanship guarantee.

The Premium Solar Experience

Designed to streamline your solar process. With this 4-step system, you sit back, relax and enjoy the switch to clean & more affordable energy.

Cost Of Solar Power Installation Klamath Falls OR

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Our goal is not only to just provide a premium solar experience for you, but also to educate you on the product with full integrity to ensure you can be confident in your decision. No high-pressure sales. No stress. You’re family. 

Cost Of Solar Power Installation Klamath Falls OR

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Cost Of Solar Power Installation 

Klamath Falls OR

Cost Of Solar Power Installation Klamath Falls OR

What are the top advantages of mounting a solar energy system?
1. Affordable: Minimized electrical energy cost and makes a predictable electrical expense.

2. Tax Obligation Cost savings: Financial incentives for setup which might include Federal and also State tax obligation credit reports.

3. House Worth: Can raise the property value when it's a solar panel system purchase. Wouldn't you want to pay even more for a home that had a reduced expense to maintain? Imagine if your home's value enhanced by 3.74% if you included solar to your residence.

4. Sustainability: By lowering our reliance on fossil fuel-based energy from the energy firm, we can stop the release of air pollutants that are unsafe to both the setting as well as public health.

5. Supplies Defense: Solar panels can supply security for your roof covering, as well as from the sunlight. Solar carports, as an example, can provide shade and a covered parking lot for cars.

6. Power Grid Demand: By going solar, you can decrease your energy need on your power grid during peak need times.

7. Low Maintenance: Solar systems generally require really little upkeep; they are unbelievably sturdy and also conveniently available for solution as well as fixing.

For how long do photovoltaic panels last?
Photovoltaic panel are developed as well as installed to sustain harsh and also unpredictable climate condition, even in scenarios with lots of snow, rain, and wind. Just in one of the most extreme cases like areas with great deals of storms, solar panels might not stand up very well. However that could likewise be said for the condition of the house in its entirety.

For most locations with strong winds or extreme climate condition, areas and cities will call for a specific method to design and mount the photovoltaic panels to accommodate for various wind uplift speeds. These speeds can vary anywhere from 3-5 secs at 130 Miles Per Hour in locations like Upload, California and also Rancho Cucamonga, California. CAD developers and also Engineers will make be sure to take these variables into account as they do the lots estimations for your residence.

Solar panels are usually assured to last for 25 years however can last for more than 40 years. Even after 25 years, your solar panels would still produce 75-80% of its initial performance. Not only will your solar panels last for years, yet it will certainly additionally continue to do highly.

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Our Solar Process


During the consultation, we show you exactly how much you’ll be saving based on your energy needs and let you decide if going solar is a good fit for you. 


We show you realistic renders of how the system design will look on your roof and configure it to maximize the amount you save. 


We hire the most experienced installers to ensure the installation is quick and high quality. After, we show you how to easily monitor your panels. 

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